5 Reasons Your Husband Is On An Online Married Dating Site Right Now!


“Are you responsible for your husband’s distraction?”

For months you may have been plagued by thoughts and suspicions that your husband might be in an affair. You may have taken every dire measure you could think of: hired a private investigator, followed him as soon as his car drove off the curb or rummaged through his credit card bills and call logs. Every time you uncover a clue it also pains you. You have the need and the right to know about his affairs but at the same time the pain can be too much to bear.
Today, men have a lot of options in starting an affair. One, he can meet and start an affair with his officemate or colleague in his work place. Two, he may have been eyeing on a lady who frequently goes to the gym. He may have already pulled some moves on her and the two of them started dating. And three, he may have subscribed to an online married dating. One can easily read a website review such as ashleymadison.com review and start an affair online. It’s important to read the detailed review before jumping to a conclusion about ashleymadison.com being a scam.
Online married dating has made it easier for people to start a relationship or an affair. He may have chosen online married dating because he can meet a lot of women, who are also looking for an affair, in one place. Online married dating can also let him get to know a person without having to meet her immediately. He can take his time getting to know her by sending emails or chatting with her. He can also easily erase all his browsing history in one click. Passwords can keep his laptop or account safe, making it harder for you to track down his steps online.
You may have asked yourself many times what you did wrong to make him go in an affair. You know for yourself that you have remained loyal and kept the respect that your husband deserves.
You know that you are innocent in the whole situation. Asking the question “why” means you are taking the guilt and responsibility of the problem. There may be some reasons that can justify your husband’s actions. Remember that it was he who committed the affair. If he truly valued his marriage with you then he should have made an effort to fix it. Starting an affair does not solve anything it only makes things worse. No matter how much you rationalize with him you will never be able to come up with the right answer. Even if you do arrive at an answer, it won’t do much to solve the problem anyway.
Much of the problem lies within your husband. Men who cheat often cannot control their emotions. They get easily swept away by how they feel. These types of men do not identify the core problem of the situation and plan out a solution. Instead, they find some sort of diversion to keep them from facing and solving the problem.
Here are some of the reasons your husband is on an online married dating site and is cheating on you:

He is Sexually Dissatisfied


“Sexual satisfaction is one of the top reasons”

Your husband may be looking for something fun and exciting which he does not experience anymore with you. So he goes out and seeks this excitement and satisfaction from another woman. Most men think of this ridiculous justification that if they are not happy with the sex in their marriage, it’s okay to go out and find it with another woman. They think that everything will be fine as long as their wives remain ignorant about the whole affair. Even if he did not tell you about the affair, he has already made a huge damage in his marriage with you.

He is Just In for the Thrill of It


“Some people just enjoy the thrill of an affair”

Aside from the sex, he may have been intoxicated by the excitement that an affair brings. For him, this excitement is like a drug that keeps him hooked. He may have found your marriage boring. He wants to experience something new and fun. Engaging in something that is “wrong” may have an appeal to most men. For some, the idea of “affair” and “cheating” is more exciting than just the sex.

Plain and Simple: He Disrespects You

Love is the foundation of marriage. Many people may have the wrong perception about love and confuse it with infatuation. Many people think that it’s the giddy feeling you get when you’re with the person. If your marriage was built on such notion it is doomed to crumble sooner than you think. Respect, trust and honesty are also the core foundations of love and marriage. You can never separate those values from each other.
If your husband cheated on you, he did not respect the boundaries that he should have set in the marriage. Even though how much you explain it to him, you will lose your value to him. He should have ensured that if he valued the marriage in the first place. It won’t be a surprise if he’ll continue or start another affair.

It’s Probably Bigger than It Seems


“Is he really satisfied in the relationship?”

Did you know that your marriage could be null and void if your husband did not disclose important information that could be a threat in the future? For example, he could be bisexual and he did not tell you about it. He may love you dearly but since there is something about his sexual orientation he seeks to find the satisfaction elsewhere. This satisfaction that he is seeking is something you will never be able to satisfy. He did not tell you about it because he still wants to save the marriage.
Another secret that he could be keeping is his dissatisfaction with you. He does not want the marriage to go into a disaster and just wants to find a temporary escape. He could not tell you about how he feels because he’s afraid of hurting you. So he starts an affair and tries his best to keep it a secret.
Basically keeping secrets is one of the reasons why your husband will be pushed to start an affair. Your marriage is already flawed when there are secrets that linger. That is why honesty is a fundamental recipe in a marriage.

Sex is the Ultimate Measure of their Masculinity

To turn down sex and be regarded as a “pussy” or a Beta Male, this may be the most skewed and most absurd reason that men can think of. Most men think they can measure their masculinity by the number of sex they had with different women. Remember that there are many men in history that have bedded hundreds of women, like Giacomo Casanova and Genghis Khan. The sad part is when they are feeling an inner pressure to be above their friends.
Another reason why men feel such is because they have self- esteem issues. They accept the sexual invitations from different women in an attempt to fill their empty self- confidence.

There are many other reasons why your husband cheated or might cheat on you. Whatever his reasons are, it will continue to damage your marriage. What hurts more is if you have children who will suffer because of your husband’s infidelity. If your husband blames you about the chaotic marriage, remember that you were suffering the other half of the situation but chose not to enter an affair.

How To Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating Online!

“Is your partner cheating online?”

“Is your partner cheating online?”

Regardless of whether your partner is cheating for the first time or has been a serial cheater, there is always one fact that you should consider – he/she is bound to make a mistake at some point and this will give you a chance to prove what you have been suspecting. Interestingly, research studies have revealed that cheaters make similar fundamental mistakes.

Cheaters are scared of getting caught. However this fact does not make them change their behavior. In fact, they always think that they will find a way out if they are caught. As a result of that, they will always cheat. The longer they cheat, the more their ego and belief about continuing with infidelity will get inflated. If they believe they have given their spouses no reason to suspect them of cheating, they tend to get sloppy and assume that their spouses are not looking for anything.

Is it possible to tell that a spouse is cheating?

“Look for changes in the behavior patterns”

“Look for changes in the behavior patterns”

Yes it is. Provided that we have the right procedure to track out spouses, we are bound to tell their crooked behaviors. For you to successfully confirm this, it is important to be patient. Don’t jump to conclusions before you witness the reality. It is essential that you keep your suspicions to yourself. Even though communication is an important pillar in every relationship, it should be remembered that if you are suspecting your spouse of cheating, you should never confront her before you are sure of what exactly is going on. Communication is essential for a healthy commitment but for the sake of this topic, it should be spared. Jumping at your partner with a myriad of confrontations and accusations will never help. By doing so, you will just be doing them the favor of alerting them so that they become more cautious. A cheating partner will easily decline and disprove accusations that have no proof.

The best thing to do is to hold over your anger. While your spouse is busy living a double life, it won’t take you long to discover and file enough evidence to take him/her to the hangman. The following investigation and surveillance tips will enable you to gather enough evidence regarding your spouse’ unbecoming behaviors.

1. Check their cell phone

Of late, cell phones have been one of the most available sources of the internet. People use phones to chat on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other cheater dating sites. As explained in the introductory section, cheaters are not always smart. Even if they delete their call history, you always have the second option to tell if they are cheating online. Access their browsing history and you will be able to tell the kinds of sites that they have accessed. You may need to execute this by surprise e.g. immediately upon arriving home, ask him/her that you need to use his/her phone urgently.

2. Check their computer’s browsing history

“Check his system’s browsing history”

“Check his system’s browsing history”

The cheater will always try to delete the evidence. If your spouse has browsed through countless dating sites to cheat and yet haven’t found the top cheater dating websites, they would try to delete the history. Their search for top cheating websites is an indication that they are looking forward to have an affair. Unfortunately, if they are underestimating you, they may not bother to erase their browsing histories. Let us face this fact. Most of us are still clueless when it comes to computer technology and may not even think about browsing history. If you are clever enough, the browsing history will give you all the details about the sites that have been accessed by your spouse. Moreover, you may be able to tell the exact time when such accesses were made. An empty browsing history is also a clear indicator that a partner is doing some secretive business over the internet. Cheating partners are eager to clear all hints about what they are accessing, especially if they have been accessing cheater dating sites.

3. Check the saved chat logs

“Look for the chat logs”

“Look for the chat logs”

Checking the saved chat logs is like hitting the jackpot if your partner is cheating online. Chat logs also enable you to access the exact times that the lovebirds chats are. Many instant messaging and chat log programs have the option that allows saving of all chat logs. It is therefore your duty to establish if the option to save the chat logs has been enabled and if not, fix it. Unless your spouse suspects that you are onto him/her, they may be tempted to check if the settings have been tampered with. So you have to be careful while using this option since it could expose your trap.

Ideally, the internet has enabled us to connect with the entire world. It has acted as an avenue to do business, make friends and study. Good things come with certain harm. The internet is no exception. From the above explanations, it is evident that while others are busy enriching their lives using the internet, others spend most of their time trying to ruin their relationships. All this has come as a result of readily available services that allow people of the opposite sex to communicate. In addition to the above manifestations of a cheating spouse, the following tips are equally essential in proving that a spouse is cheating.

4. The spouse spends most of their time online

It is not wrong to spend a lot of time online provided that one is doing something constructive. On the contrary, some people overdo it. Even if they have nothing important to do, they will still remain glued to their computers and laptops. If your spouse seems to be spending a lot of time online even during odd hours, it is a clear indication that something fishy is going on.

5. Whenever you approach, the spouse closes the computer

If your spouse consistently turns off the computer when you approach, that is an indication that he/she is not willing to share some information with you. Alternatively, if the spouse angles away the screen or minimizes the windows, you have every reason to suspect him/her of cheating online. However, you should not rush and jump into conclusions, if this rarely happens, the partner could be innocent. Who knows, maybe he/she wants to surprise you with something. Take your time. However, if this happens frequently you should be careful. Go ahead and ask him/her what he/she does online and you will be surprised – a cheating spouse will not be ready to share with you the activities that they do online.

6. The spouse comes to bed late and stays awake longer

It has always been argued that a change in behavior can be a reliable indicator of cheating. If your spouse adopts a strange behavior like the one above, it shows that there are some other things that has entertained them more than what you offer. In most cases, they are reluctant to share the reasons for their behavior change. If the spouse is doing something constructive, then it is fine but if the strange behavior has no supporting explanations, then something is wrong.

7. Use of strange passwords

A cheating spouse is always reluctant to share his/her passwords especially those used in cheater dating sites. This is because they are not willing to share with you their experiences. Passwords are also changed regularly. Moreover, the last thing that they will ever do is to add you as their friends on various sites e.g. Facebook. On the other hand, try sending emails on dating sites. They will be eager to respond to them – an indication that they are obsessed with online sites.

In conclusion, spouses should understand that no matter how careful they are, their acts will never go unnoticed. Therefore, each one should work and act in a manner that will not upset the other. They should be willing to communicate with one another openly so as to avoid any complications that may arise from suspicion.

iPad: Why it’s better than any android tablet

Now that the iPad is leading in sales and popularity everyday and those who manufacture alternates to iPad are sceptical about getting even a small share of the market. Google’s android tab is the biggest competitor for iPad, a project that paves the way for an alternate tab computer in future using ASCII text file of Google as well as the android platform.

Advantages of iPad

A stunning graphics interface, crisp video and clear visuals constitute the iPad’s package. The excellent bit screen sensitivity, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, the user-friendly OS platform and an incredible battery life up to 10 hours make the iPad everyone’s favorite choice. A host of exciting games and a wide range of applications make the iPad a really namazing product in the market. All the apps that are offered by the iPhone are now available with iPad. The users of iPad are assured of all iPhone applications and they can have long hours of entertainment and usage.

Advantages of Apple iPad over

Advantages of Apple iPad over

Advantages of android Tabs

The main attraction of this rival of iPad is that the android package is open-source. Many programs and applications for individuals to use and improve on are available with the iPad. Consequently, programmers are able to provide entirely new applications that will lead to the creation of a lot of games and apps for android Tabs in the very near future. Most of those tabs are cheaper than the iPad. This new tablet offers 8G of storage and Wi-Fi. Those who pay $25 and $35 more can enjoy then facilities of 3G and GPS. Another interesting vnews is that the hollow Streak (previously called the mini 5) is slated to come back in Sep. Another advantage of these tablets is the cameras with flash support, that even the iPad doesn’t have.

Edge Over Android Tablets

Edge Over Android Tablets

The disadvantages of android Tabs

Because of restrictions by the android OS, this platform will have a maximum screen size of seven inches. This reveals that the iPad is larger than any android tab in the market. This situation will continue in future also unless Google lifts or changes these restrictions. Also, android Tabs haven’t surpassed the iPad in battery life. This alone could be a major issue to contemplate.

So, who emerges victorious in the battle between the Androids and IPads? That still remains to be seen, as there are still lots of android Tabs that wioll be launched free this year. And while looking forward to those discharge dates to come back, the Apple iPad continues as the best tab laptop so far.

Dealing with a death in the family

Death is an inevitable stage of life, yet every time we lose someone dear to us we undergo an array of mixed emotions. At times we may feel anxiety, pain, helplessness when someone we love dies, and at times we feel like life has returned to normal up until we finally realize that life has changed forever.

In spite of the array of emotions we go through, grieving for our loved ones helps us deal with the situation and heal. That penetrating heart breaking agony we go through when we lose a loved one shows that a deep connection has been detached. With no doubt, grieving is painful, but it’s necessary for us to heal and move on.

Moving forward after the demise of a loved one doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten them, and it doesn’t mean they are no longer missed. It also doesn’t mean that you’ve somehow betrayed your friend, relative or family member. What it simply means is the grief has run its course and it’s about time to move on. Certainly we can’t grieve forever nor can our lives stop moving because of death.

Lesson: Dealing With the Death

Lesson: Dealing With the Death

Although there isn’t a set pathway for us to follow when dealing with the death of a loved one, there are certain stages we go through in dealing with such a tragedy. In 1969 Elisabeth Kübler-Ross a psychiatrist came up with what later became known as the “5 stages of grief,” and these represent the feelings people go through after the death of a loved one.

Having worked with terminally ill cancer patients, she came up with following pattern of the stages people go through:

  • Denial: “This isn’t happening to me.”
  • Anger: “Why did this happen? Who can I blame?”
  • Bargaining: “Don’t make this happen, in return I’ll___.”
  • Depression: “I’m just too down to do whatever.”
  • Acceptance:”I’ve come to terms with what has happened.”

Although these are among the most common of responses to the loss of a loved one, there still isn’t set timetable for grieving or how long it should take. With this having being said, it will be useful to understand grief and the symptoms it comes along with. Recognizing the difference between depression and trauma is also very beneficial.

Despite knowing how stress can wreak havoc on our physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, there are certain guidelines we need to follow so as to lessen the effects. These are; spending time with others, reaching out and taking care of our bodies.

Child Dealing with Death in

Child Dealing with Death in


In conclusion, there will come a time when we lose someone close to us, that’s just the law of nature. Being able to respond to such a situation will be the first step in acting like a reliable friend.

As shattering and devastating death can bring to our lives, it is possible to regroup and move on.

Tips for Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt

We live in a country where a lot of people think that being neck deep in debt is “normal” – there is absolutely nothing normal about owing credit card companies a colossal amount of money.

Thankfully, getting rid of credit card debt is not rocket science – anyone in debt can get rid of debt – but, you will need to be serious and determined to get rid of your credit card debt.

Here are some valuable tips for getting rid of credit card debt:

You should Watch How you Spend Money

It may seem like you are a doing yourself a big disfavor by sticking to a simpler lifestyle where you do not spend money on pretentious things. Do you honestly need a five hundred dollar ($500) bottle bath oil?! Or wear (very) expensive designer clothes in order to stay alive? Yes, life may not be as fun without a few of the things that we are really used to. However, it is your choice; you can decide to forego some of these indulgences temporarily (until you have paid up your debt) or spend half of your life paying way more for the stuff that you may not even be using anymore. It would be in your best interest to make little sacrifices so that you can get rid of your credit card debt and live a debt-free life.

Look out For New Ways to Augment your Earnings

There is no harm getting a part-time job in order to have more money to get rid of your debt faster. You should look out for opportunities to earn more cash doing what you are already doing or do something that could help you earn a bonus at the office. Thanks to the internet, you can monetize your pastime like writing, beading, drawing etc. You will be happy to know that the internet offers a whole lot of opportunities for those who wish to make money using their God-given talents. Having an additional source of income will help you get rid of debts at a much faster pace.

If you have money, you should

If you have money, you should

Have Emergency Cash

As you are making the effort to attack your credit card debt, you need to also make that you do your best to put away small amounts of money in a safe place in case of a rainy day (emergencies). No one really knows what will happen within a 24 hours of each day, which is why you need to prepared for an unexpected event. If or when the unexpected happens, you do not have to rely on your credit card to get through the problem. Remember, the money can only be used for an emergency situation!

You can get rid of credit card debt, all you need to do is apply your effort.

How much cash do you have in

How much cash do you have in

Shows: My Top 3 TV Shows This Year

There are some shows you cannot get enough of; these shows keep you glued to the television screen until the very end. What may be a great show to you may not necessarily be a great show for someone else.

Here are my 3 Top TV shows This Year:

  1. Vampire Diaries

The new vampire culture is sweeping the nation! Movies and television shows about vampires are scoring a huge hit with viewers. Vampire Diaries is one of the television shows that has enjoyed viewership. I really love this show because the characters are not only funny, but are very interesting. There is no doubt that Damon Salvatore is one of the favorite characters on the show, this vampire is known for his cute looks and compulsiveness. The show has a way of entwining you with each episode; you genuinely care about the characters and hope that they do not get hurt. Although the storyline seem to stretch a little too crazy for my taste, but the actors seem to be a really great job.

  1. Game of Thrones

There is no doubt that Game of Thrones is a hit show and that has won over the hearts of viewers across the world (as it is the most pirated television show in 2012!) The storyline is pure genius, the characters are believable and the dialogue is awesome! It is impossible to watch Game of Thrones and not get hooked to this show! My favorite character is Tyrion Lannister and his wise cracks. Although, the book portrayed him as an ugly little person, but in the television adaption of the book, he is one of the most handsome character and of course, the wisest! Game of Thrones is truly a television show that is worth the 45 minutes of my life!

New 'Game of Thrones' Season 3

New ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3

  1. Khloe and Lamar

Some people hate the Kardashians, but I actually find them pretty fascinating. I grew up in a full house (I had about 13 siblings) and I sort of love to see television shows with big families. I must say that I love seeing interracial couples and enjoy seeing them tackle their day to day challenges. This show gives viewers a glimpse of life outside the basketball court for Lamar and life outside the red carpet events. Although reality shows like this may seem scripted; but they do give you an idea of life outside the glitz and glam of tinsel town.

The show is all about Khloe

The show is all about Khloe

I may have scored major points with a lot of people by mentioning Game of Thrones and get a “what the hell are you thinking” mentioning Khloe and Lamar. But the aforementioned television shows are the best for the year.

First Date Tips: Three must-know tips for a successful first date

If you are all set to go on your first date, you must be feeling quite uncomfortable and awkward. Though dates are supposed to be exciting and fun, many people make a mess out of it. One of the main reasons for this is they try hard to be on their best behaviour and in the process forget to be themselves. By avoiding major mistakes on your first date, you can definitely make a success of your relationship.

First impression is the best impression. In order to ensure success on your first date, you must make a good first impression. Here are a few tips that will ensure you enjoy an amazing date that will lay a strong foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Self-confidence is the key – You can be sure your date will be attracted to you if you display confidence. Your date will be uncomfortable with you and you will be creating a bad impression if you look unsure of yourself and feel insecure. Being self-conscious will make your date wonder why you appear so insecure. Maybe you are an introvert without many friends or maybe you do not have money or think you are not so good looking. Though none of this may be true, your apprehensive thoughts will make your date feel uncomfortable and he or she may not want to repeat the date again. So, before you go on your first date, get some lessons in self-confidence. Visualize being very self-assured, calm and composed.

Self-confidence is the KEY

Self-confidence is the KEY


Be cool and calm to make a strong impression – It pays to be totally relaxed and appear calm and cool on your date. When your date speaks, pay a lot of attention but do not appear too eager. On your very first date, refrain from talking about the future. Making any future plans may scare your date away for good.

Add in some humour – Keep the interaction light hearted and add in a lot of humour in your conversations. It is easy to attract your date with wit and laughter. Humour is also a great ice breaker that could take your conversation to the next level. if you are going out with a woman, be courteous and gentlemanly as there is no woman who does not like a little chivalry.

make a strong impression

make a strong impression


Keep these three tips in mind and consciously break the ice on your first date. Breaking the tension with light conversation laced with humour is a sure-shot way of getting into your date’s good books. Get ready for your first date. Enjoy the thrill and excitement and go about it the right way to ensure your date grows into a long lasting relationship.